Winter Storm Uri has affected the plumbing at my office and I am unable to give massages until this is resolved. I have a plumber working on the problem but the supplies needed to fix the issue are hard to obtain. I will be back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Please continue to be safe as Covid 19 is still an issue so be sure to cover your face and wash your hands.

Ytt headshot by dow hickam
photo by Dow Hickam

I am an authentic and genuine licensed massage therapist serving the Houston area.  I have many years experience giving Swedish and Sports/ Deep tissue massages.    I incorporate my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Meridians into my practice and use neuromuscular therapy (NMT) to address chronic muscular holding patterns.    I am interested in increasing human potential whether that be through physical fitness, mind- body balance or when you just need to be supported with nurturing touch.   I address problems that hinder normal muscular function from conditions such as upper cross syndrome to sciatic pain.   I have been trained to recognize imbalances in posture and foot strike to uneven gait.  I also work closely with athletes of all kinds to help keep the muscles strong and supple.   The suffering from headaches and muscle spasms can be alleviated through cranial sacral therapy and I utilize neck traction to help with the new phenomenon known as “text neck.”

My massage style is fluid and inherently nurturing.   I have extensive training in the traditional form of Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) and the ancient healing art of Ayurveda.  I have a very grounded energy that makes my intuitive massages so much more relaxing.    I practice yoga and also enjoy lifting weights to keep myself strong and able bodied to do the demanding work that is bodywork.    I love what I do and it shows.

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  1. Hi I’m another local Houston massage therapist and I was wondering if I could pick your brain about your manual technique and physiological philosophy.


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