Spring Equinox and GB41

So this is the first day of Spring, Vernal Equinox, such a wonderful time of expansion and renewal which is an important reminder that our activities should be geared towards creativity and outward and expansive movement towards a brighter future. This can be apparent in the blossoming and germination of the flowers and plants which thrive in this season. In TCM using the 5 Element Theory we look to nature for this energetic insight. We can use nature’s rhythms to align our momentum to further our health. Wood corresponds to Spring and we are blessed with this season of creation, growth, and renewal. This is the perfect time to let go of stimulants such as coffee and alcohol as well as recreational drugs and take advantage of this naturally stimulating time to cleanse our “cobwebs” from the stagnant energy of winter. Utilize this time to practice the more intense yang yoga such as vinyasa/ power hatha and incorporate stimulating breathwork such as Khapalabhati (skull shining breath) or Breath of Fire. More on that breathwork later You can also support detoxification by working out with more intensity and sweating more this time of year stimulating serotonin and dopamine which nourishes us. The Spring season is charged with the smooth flow of energy and moving stagnant chi/ energy out detoxifying the blood.

Hello Spring cleaning!  Just as we take this time to clear out old possessions by  cleaning out the closets that are full of clutter our bodies sync with nature to do the same thing    Organizing  and making space in our home environment can make your space feel open and inviting which in turn allows for new energy and growth both energetically and spiritually.    Internally we can cleanse our body from the stagnation from winter’s season of rich foods and the heaviness that comes from staying inside and breathing recycled air.  Fill your lungs with the fresh air that the warmth of Spring can bring and eat raw radishes, pickled garlic, and bitter greens such as arugula to mobilize these fats and keep your blood flowing. This is a season to enjoy salads with all the spring greens and colorful citrus.Moderate daily exercise is recommended to begin to mobilize stored fats that once insulated our tissues from the cold of Winter.  All of these things help to support the natural rhythms of Spring and is a welcome sight after the dreary cold season.   Another great way to flush your body of toxins this time of year is by dry brushing, think of it like a self massage with a body brush.  Lymph tends to collect in the lower legs and feet and can only be flushed by movement such as walking or exercise or even massage.  Dry brushing is recommended before showering by brushing in an upwards motion starting at the feet and ankles moving upwards in circular motions around the joints such as knees and elbows.  After this the hot water from the shower will dilate the blood vessels that carry waste out and can be metabolized by the liver. If you fail to support your body’s natural detoxification that this season provides then you can have problems such as spring allergies (a sign of stagnation of wet/heavy mucus) that needs to be dispelled.  Most of the pain that we experience has a tendino-muscular or a neuro-muscular component therefore it  governs the muscles, tendons and nerves.   

Hello bodywork!  This is where my knowledge of the TCM meridians and acupressure points are vital to keep us synchronized with this very powerful time of year.  My go to point for spring congestion is Gall Bladder 41.   Whoa is this one a doozy!   If you have ever had any bodywork done by me, I have definitely used this point to clear our stagnant energy/ chi here because it is associated with literally “pulling the plug.”   Letting the pooled energy that pools and stagnates in the feet can back up into the lower legs further up the meridian.   The most common complaints that I get are to relieve such pain such as headaches/ migraines jruns through the shoulders, hips, lower back, and lateral knee affecting IT band issues.)   GB41 is also associated with the unique Dai Meridian.   The Dai (belt) meridian wraps around the waist and is used to treat low back pain, hips, pelvic pain, abdominal pain associated with digestion as well as issues related to menstruation and fertility.   

Have you ever experienced such strong anger and  frustration with something or someone so much that you burst into tears?  Anger and frustration can become so pent up that we find a release through crying.   This kind of emotional state is an imbalance of the Wood (Spring is wood in the 5 element theory)  Wood energy that is healthy and moves freely clears the path of apparent obstacles such as the flowers and trees blooming in the spring.   Wood that is not healthy can have 2 different obstacles that life presents, such as a repeated pushing against an immovable object impeding the flow.    As GB41 is an exit point at the end of the meridian it drains congested chi from the upper end of the channel especially the head.   Thus it treats headaches especially the back of the head and neck such as visual distortion and dizziness.  The Gall bladder meridian runs through the side of the scalp and makes a kind of “magneto’s helmet” since I believe it has 22 points in the scalp.

If you have any questions or want more information about how I can help with chronic pain please reach out to me as I have extensive knowledge in the field of energetics and 20 years hands on experience.   All content found on this site is not meant to be substituted for medical advice diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional with any regards to having any medical condition. 

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